Welcome to TriZellion™

Your resource for regenerative therapies.

Having experienced and researched the remarkable successes in tissue regeneration and disease remediation by doctors in Europe. TriZellion™ was founded for the purpose of expanding the availability of adult autologus cells, Dendritic cells and Natural Killer cells and other regenerative treatments throughout the world.

Over the decades, European doctors and researchers, who have since affiliated with TriZellion™, have developed a comprehensive program to restore balance and harmony to the body and treat various diseases.

TriZellion’s™ primary goal is to assist the public in the comprehension and credibility of regenerative medicine, and to provide realistic therapies that will enable patients to make a solid decision.

Specific next-generation, cell-based therapies, and a variety of non-invasive therapeutic treatments have achieved dramatic results. Many patients were suffering from, a vast array of diseases. Ranging from cancer, or diabetes, to multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

TriZellion™ is distinguished by three unique capabilities;

Uniting these capabilities; has brought forth a powerful new force in regenerative medicine.

We have embarked on a journey dedicated to delivering the next-generation cellular and hyperthermia therapies through our clinics.

TriZellion’s™ laboratory in Frankfurt Germany, is (GMP) standards, has produced over 4,000 patient samples in the first 10 years.

TriZellion’s™ state-of-the-art treatment centers will offer medical therapies for conditions such as hepatitis C related liver disease, diabetes.  Men’s health needs, including prostate issues and erectile dysfunction. TriZellion’s™ international treatment centers will offer services including medical assessment, detoxification and treatment of underlying infections, and proactive patient follow-up.

TriZellion™ does not use Embryonic, or Umbilical stem cells directly or indirectly in any of our research or treatment protocols. For additional information on any of these areas, please explore our web site, and be sure to stop by our Disclaimer page.  We look forward to receiving contact from you.