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The Patient Experience

TriZellion’s™ clinical environment is more like that of a spa than a hospital. Each patient’s treatment is uniquely tailored to address specific areas of therapies that are identified from a thorough medical assessment.  For the most part, patients will experience a four-part process:

We recognize the role of the micro-environment in the efficacy of our cellular restoration treatments.  The healthier the body at the time of treatment, the better the outcome will be.  Preparation of the body requires a detoxification/cleansing process.  Immune Infusion and hyperthermia therapies.

These steps are tailored to each patient;

Step 1 – Medical Assessment;  The process begins with extensive diagnosis – not just of apparent symptoms, but to identify underlying causes and coexistent conditions, that could affect treatment efficacy. In this assessment phase, patients meet with doctors and provide blood samples for analysis at leading laboratories.  To get your assessment started, download your patient questionnaire here, or scroll down to the bottom of the page and complete it now.

Step 2 – Regenerative Therapies – range from adult stem-cell Second-generation treatments to robust vitamins and minerals therapies.  During the process of adult stem cell therapies, the patient’s blood and/or bone marrow is drawn and sent to TriZellion’s™ state-of-the-art  European Laboratory for multiplication of the patient’s own cells.

Step 3 – Detoxification and Treatment of Underlying Infections – Next, heavy metals are chelated and other toxins removed, and appropriate nutrients are administered. Some patients will also lie for a time in high-tech hyperthermia beds, a temperature-raising therapy also used to detoxify the body. Any underlying bacterial, fungal or viral infections will be treated using a combination of natural therapies.

Step 4 – Proactive Follow-up - TriZellion™ continues ongoing contact with patients to ensure that they maintain the ability to fight disease and live healthy lives. TriZellion™ also offers a line of nutraceuticals to promote optimal health.

TriZellion™ does not use Embryonic, or Umbilical stem cells directly or indirectly in any of our research or treatment protocols. For additional information on any of these areas, please explore our web site, and be sure to stop by our Disclaimer page.  We look forward to receiving contact from you.
  • Step 1: Medical Assessment
    Extensive diagnosis, not just of the obvious, but anything that is underlying.
  • Step 2: Regenerative Therapy
    Depending on the diagnosis, a multitude of advanced stem cell treatments may be administered
  • Step 3: Detoxification Process
    Treatment of underlying infections and removal of toxins.
  • Step 4: Follow-up and maintenance
    TriZellion maintains the follow-up of its patients