TriZellion™ has several locations in Europe, with other locations soon to follow.

TriZellion’s™ Laboratory is a recognized leader in cell-culture techniques and research.  Established in 2001 and currently working on the development of adult stem cells – mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which will be used in TriZellion’s™ ‘s treatments.

TriZellion’s™  GMP laboratory

This high-technology laboratory meets the strictest requirements of international authorities, such as the EU.  TriZellion’s™  has successfully operated its certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) laboratory for over eight years, producing over 4,000 cell samples.

TriZellion™ does not use Embryonic, or Umbilical stem cells directly or indirectly in any of our research or treatment protocols. For additional information on any of these areas, please explore our web site, and be sure to stop by our Disclaimer page.  We look forward to receiving contact from you.